Helping build Vancouver for everyone

Vancouver’s prosperity is evident but delving deeper surfaces some disappointing realities. As noted in Prosperity for All Through a Healthy Communities Approach by the City of Vancouver, 2017: About 44% of people in Vancouver, or more than 250,000 live in families with ...
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How much condo selection is there in downtown Vancouver?

The graph in the blog header conveys the welcome news that we’re rebuilding condo inventory across the downtown peninsula. Overall, this means greater selection for buyers. Not shown in this dataset is that the price band up to $1.25m ...
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10+1 questions to ask to select the right Vancouver realtor

In transitioning from environmental consulting to real estate, I felt the dramatic drop in public opinion as if I had hit the hands-in-the-air moment on a roller coaster. A common path to realtor success has been to simply network, often ...
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