Realtor approval ratings continue to languish

If you have a negative view of realtors in BC, the Insights West annual survey shows you’re not alone. Their March 2018 national online survey of peoples’ opinions of occupations indicates only 47% of people view realtors in positive light. That’s a painful number to me and I envy the 92% approval rating of firefighters. We’re even well below auto mechanics!

Positive opinions for professions (look waaaaaay down for realtors):

  • 92% for firefighters
  • 91% for nurses
  • 88% for farmers,
  • 87% for doctors
  • 86% for teachers
  • 84% for scientists
  • 82% for engineers and veterinarians
  • 81% for architects
  • 78% for dentists
  • 75% for accountants
  • 74% military officers
  • 71% for police officers and¬†psychiatrists
  • 70% for journalists and athletes
  • 68% for judges
  • 62% for auto mechanics
  • 61% for artists and actors
  • 56% for building contractors
  • 52% for priests and ministers
  • 51% for bankers
  • 48% for lawyers
  • 47% for realtors and business executives
  • 42% for pollsters (rather ironic as they conduct the survey)
  • 26% for car salespeople
  • 22% for politicians

Self-inflicted industry challenges

I believe the negative view of our real estate industry is partially self-inflicted as it’s common for realtors to simply focus on networking to extend their reach. This is a proven method but its success has contributed to a stagnation of client service, despite our fees having increased alongside housing values. There are excellent Vancouver realtors but, as an industry, we can do better.

In a subsequent post, I’ll review concrete accomplishments I’ve made towards improving service.

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