Helping build Vancouver for everyone

Vancouver’s prosperity is evident but delving deeper surfaces some disappointing realities. As noted in Prosperity for All Through a Healthy Communities Approach by the City of Vancouver, 2017: About 44% of people in Vancouver, or more than 250,000 live in families with ...
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Look up! The tallest Passive House design in the world is coming to Vancouver

For another wild Covid-19 Friday night I listened to the soothing sounds of the recorded City Council meeting where they reviewed and voted upon the exciting 1075 Nelson Street development. I slept well after hearing the affirmative vote as it brings ...
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City of Vancouver Urban Design Panel – Contributing to our City’s livability

We can be proud that Vancouver often tops global livability surveys of developed cities. However, each declaration reenergizes the debate as to whether it’s truly cause for celebration given our high cost of living and other social issues. Every ...
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