Condo Buyers System and Book

We want you to be the best informed buyer in our marketplace and have information available to you in whatever format you choose. Accordingly, we dedicated much time and expense in creating the Vancouver Condo Buyers System, your best framework for buying Vancouver condos. The System augments our exceptional in-person service and clients have found the collective information invaluable and easy to digest.
Our System components are seamlessly integrated-the Vancouver Condo Buyers Guide spans your entire journey and you will receive other resources when useful. The System is entirely customizable to suit your level of expertise. Less experienced condo buyers tend to enjoy most of the materials while experienced buyers often prefer in-person service coupled with the 3 Next Steps emails.
A beautiful advantage to working with us is that you get all the benefits of our System free of charge.

Vancouver Condo Buyers Guide

Our Vancouver Condo Buyers Guide is the most extensive book for buyers of Vancouver condos. The book details the condo lifestyle, BC real estate system, and each of your 6 condo buying steps. In oversized format, it contains over 50 beautiful full colour pictures and 17 informational tables and diagrams. Authored by Jason Hutchison, the book was designed by Burnkit and printed by Hemlock Printer, both local companies. We provide each client a hardcopy during our first meeting.

Next Steps Emails

There is much information to digest and tasks to complete to successfully buy your dream home. During your journey, you will receive 3 Next Steps Emails to keep you laser focused. Each email will detail our next tasks and how we will accomplish them together. Clients consistently comment how these updates are invaluable in keeping them on track and in control.

New Listing Alerts

Being informed of new listings and price changes is crucial. You will see listings on before they are on other websites as we have a contract in place to pull listings directly from the real estate board rather than an intermediary. To make it easy, we will set-up a system so you are emailed new listings matching your criteria. If you prefer, we will be happy to pre-screen new listings and only send you those that are most promising.

Condo Market Reports

Knowing how our market is performing helps you decide when to buy, what to buy, and how much to offer. Our straightforward and easy to digest monthly condo market reports cut through all the noise to provide you with the best data and insights based on your target neighbourhood, condo type, and price point. If your neighbourhood is not included in our main report, we will tailor a report specifically for your dream home.

Checklists & Calculators

Over the years, we have produced a series of checklists to streamline tasks such as identifying the features of your dream home and your move. We have also developed a series of easy to use calculators in Excel. Most popular is our Purchase and Ongoing Cost Calculator designed to ensure you are aware of all your main costs at time of purchase as well as into the future.