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The process of buying a home requires many decisions to be made, and without proper guidance, the information can be overwhelming. Our unique Vancouver Condo Buyers System provides 6 logical steps to help you stay organized, confident, and relaxed.

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Step: 1Know Your Goals

Knowing what you are looking for – and why – is vital to guiding the home buying process. We work with you to understand your lifestyle and budget, establishing the groundwork for our search. We listen carefully, and ask the right questions to ensure we understand your needs, both today and in ...
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Step: 2Know Your Budget

If you will require a mortgage, we always recommend becoming pre-approved before beginning your home-buying process. We can connect you with professionals who will help you find the right mortgage for you, whether it is at your current financial institution or another. Once you are pre-approved, it will make the ...
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Step: 3Find Your Home

We bring technology together with deep experience and impeccable service to make finding your dream home simple. To focus on the most promising listings, we activate searches specific to your criteria so we see new listings before they hit public websites. Alternatively, you can use to search all ...
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Step: 4Make an Offer

We bring our integral expertise to the offer process, providing careful guidance not only on price, but deposits, dates, and subject clauses as well. We will review your options based on whether there are competing offers or not. For instance, if there will be competing offers, we will discuss performing (...
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Step: 5Perform Due Diligence

This is one of the steps where our meticulous service is clearly evident and of exceptional value. We simplify the sea of information and due diligence tasks into a straightforward schedule and actively assist you in achieving each task. Before finalizing your purchase, final tasks typically include reviewing strata documents, ...
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Step: 6Enjoy Your New Home

We will help make your possession day a happy, exciting, and stress-free one. We will be there to walk you through your new home for the first time, making sure it is ready for you to move in. Once you are settled in your new home, our assistance continues. We ...
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