Step: 3

Tailored Marketing

We have assembled a team of professionals, each an expert in their field, to ensure every component of your marketing program is of the highest quality. Our marketing materials will be beautifully curated specifically to suit your property, and our extensive marketing program will maximize the number of buyers interested in your property.

Custom feature brochures

We will produce a high-quality full-colour brochure to showcase your home. An electronic version will be posted on-line and professionally printed versions will be given to buyers who view your home. Your home will be stand out from others.

Professional multimedia

Pictures are usually the first impression buyers have of your home and they must capture buyers’ attention or they will move on to the next property. We will hire a professional architectural photographer and videographer using the best equipment to showcase your home.


Floorplans help buyers understand the flow of your home and visualize living in it. I will use a professional to create your floorplan and ensure it includes the benefits of your home such as fireplaces and outdoor spaces.

Dominant Online Presence

Understanding that over 95% of buyers start their search online, we excel at online marketing. As online marketing is crucial, we invested heavily in developing to lead the next generation of real estate websites. By providing extensive information, including building overviews, market reports, and real-time listings, we attract buyers and thereby gain incredible exposure for your listing.

We will create a Featured Listing page for your property that includes much greater detail than that on MLS and in a more user-friendly and stylish design, including the brochure, pictures, video, and floorplan. We will connect your Featured Listing to a comprehensive Featured Building page presenting all saleable details about your building. Buyers will have incredible knowledge of all saleable features of your home and building.

MLS Listing

Our photographs, floorplan, and video will make your listing stand out amongst others. We will review strata documents and other sources of information to ensure the information on your listing is complete and accurate. All websites pulling data from the central MLS will have your listing.

Online Advertising

We will create a variety of advertisements to target particular types of buyers. Once launched, we will closely track the results and tweak our advertising towards what is most effective. Online marketing has consistently shown greater results than those in print as:

  • A number of digital advertisements can be produced to target specific demographics.
  • We can re-advertise to people who have visited your Featured Listing webpage to keep your listing top of mind.
  • The efficacy of each advertisement can be tracked and used to update advertising to capitalize on what works.
  • Its reach is nearly instantaneous.

Direct Mailing

The printed advertising piece that has proven of value is direct mailing to neighbours, particularly those within the same building. Your neighbours may know someone interested in the building. While they may not be the ultimate buyer, they can add to the excitement surrounding the listing and perhaps even provide a competing offer.

Newspapers and Magazines

There is the opportunity to advertise in papers such as the Vancouver Sun and various magazines. However, after research and testing a variety of print mediums, we found that it is far better to allocate the funds to enhance online marketing.
In comparison to online marketing, printed media is slow to implement and update, has limited distribution, has limited ability to target specific demographics, and is difficult to measure results. That said, we will review our marketing program with you in detail and, if you prefer, we will happily include print advertising in addition to online marketing.

Realtor & Buyer Showings

Scheduled showings and, if appropriate for your property, open houses are important to sell your home. We do not use lock boxes or leave keys with concierges for buyers’ realtors to pick-up to view your property on their own. Being full-time, we make ourselves available to attend showings 7 days a week and during both daytime and evenings.
By being present, we properly prepare the home for viewing so buyers walk into a welcoming home with the lights on and is tidy. We are also able to immediately answer realtor and buyer questions, highlight the advantages of the home, show amenities which are often in awkward locations, and demonstrate the use of any systems.