Case Study: Murray Corren
Downsizing to enjoy retirement

Downsizing to enjoy retirement

“Everything has been meticulously planned and carried out. I felt really supported. Absolutely, it was worth it.”

Murray Corren, Happily Retired

Murray decided that, after retiring, it was time to both downsize (or right-size) and embark on a new adventure in another city. Selling his home of 17 years was not an easy decision but, after successfully making the move, he was thankful he did.

The residence was well maintained but, at 17 years old, it was on the cusp between someone moving in and enjoying it for a few years prior to renovating versus someone renovating before moving in. We were mindful of this when creating our comprehensive plan for preparing the home for sale and strategically identified select updates to best modernize the aesthetic. For instance, instead of replacing all lighting, we only replaced the most conspicuous fixtures. The result was a perfect balance between cost and visual impact.

Preparing Murray's Home

When selling a property, it is nearly always preferred to appeal to as wide a range of buyers as possible. As such we had the residence painted in a lighter and more neutral colour scheme to optimize the sense of spaciousness, bring light deeper into the unit, and make it easier for buyers to envision themselves living in the residence. To complete our home preparation, we replaced bedroom carpet and completed a variety of repairs.

With the home prepared, we then had stagers unleash their creativity, designing the final layout of the home to create focal points and enhance its flow. To mitigate costs, the stagers selected existing furnishings and melded them with rental furnishings. Furnishings removal, delivery, and placement was seamless and all was done in less than a day. We appreciated the beautiful advantage to having a client who used to be a florist when a number of orchid and other flower arrangements appeared and added a subtly fresh fragrance to the home.



Marketing to sell

The result was a profound transformation that enlivened and modernized the home, capitalized on its spaciousness, and better connected the interior with the terrace. We then hired a professional photographer, videographer and floorplan creator to capture the selling features of the home for online and printed marketing materials. We conducted 3 open houses and a number of private showings before reviewing offers to ensure the property had sufficient market exposure.

In selling real estate, the ultimate goal is multiple offers. Our comprehensive preparation work coupled with our marketing and listing strategy provides the greatest opportunity for competing offers. In this case, we were rewarded with multiple offers that competed against each other and a sale price that exceeded Murray’s expectations.

Murray, enjoy your new adventure!