Step: 5

Perform Due Diligence

This is one of the steps where our meticulous service is clearly evident and of exceptional value. We simplify the sea of information and due diligence tasks into a straightforward schedule and actively assist you in achieving each task. Before finalizing your purchase, final tasks typically include reviewing strata documents, securing your mortgage, and contracting a building inspection.
Instead of providing you a large stack of strata documents and just asking if you are satisfied with them, we will review and provide you with our detailed thoughts on each document. As part of our working to eliminate any future unpleasant surprises, we will help estimate costs, including special assessments and vacant home tax, throughout your ownership window. We will work with both your mortgage professional and building inspector and, as always, we will be available to you via electronically and in-person.
Prior to confirming your purchase, we put all the information into perspective so you can decide whether the condo is right for you. If it is, fantastic and we move onto the next step. If not, we simply find another condo better suited to your goals. We are only satisfied if you purchase the right home for you.